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Kielder Water and Forest Park

Warm Protection Products Ltd have been involved in two projects within the Kielder Water and Forest Park. One project was a refurbishment of the well known Tower Knowe Visitors Centre, the other a bespoke new build Bike Hire Centre. The specification for both projects called for aesthetically pleasing high security roller shutter systems that would not be visually obtrusive to the timber framed buildings or detract from the natural beauty of the surrounding Northumbrian landscape.

Tower Knowe Visitor Centre: Refurbishment works

  • Architects: Mosedale Gillat Architects
  • Main Contractor: Wharton Construction
  • Client: Northumbria Water Ltd
  • Systems Used:
WP36mm Extruded Roller Shutter System
WP53mm Extruded Roller Shutter System

Kielder Bike Hire Centre: Newly constructed timber framed building

  • Architects: Nicholson Nairns Architects
  • Main Contractor: I D Construction
  • Client: Forestry Commission
  • Systems Used:
WP38mm Resin Filled Roller Shutter System
WPCX Retractable Grille